Venice: 9-10th May 2022

WHERE IS VENICE? Venice is in northeastern Italy sitting in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea and it's the capital of the Veneto region.

WHAT LANGUAGES  ARE SPOKEN THERE AND WHAT'S THE CURRENCY? The official language is Italian and the Euro is the currency.

3 INTERESTING FACTS: 1) Venice comprises over 100 islands, over 400 bridges and over 170 canals. 2) There are no cars in Venice. 3) The city has 3,000 streets including some of the narrowest in the world with the narrowest being Calle Varisco at 53cm wide. 

HOW TO GET THERE? Venice Marco Polo Airport is easily connected to the centre of Venice by a direct bus leaving every 15-20 minutes. There's also a water bus connecting the city and the airport. If you're coming by train, Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia is brilliantly placed as you'll walk out right onto the Grand Canal. I stayed for one night, arriving in the city half an hour before dusk and then leaving the following lunch time. 

WHAT DID I DO AND WHAT DID I THINK? This was my 3rd attempt to get to Italy (because of COVID, etc.). so it was really surreal to actually set foot there. It's very easy to get around Venice which is basically by walking or taking the water taxi and other water vehicles. It wasn't until I was on the bus there that I contemplated going on a gondola. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. It'd been a warm day with clear skies and I love the 'blue hour' - the hour or so after sunset when the sky goes that strange blue before the blackness which is perfect for photos. By the time my gondola ride came to an end, I grabbed a quick dinner and checked myself into my hotel but I wanted to wander. I found myself in St. Mark's Square at around 10.30pm and oh wow! It's THE most romantic place I've ever visited with live music played outside Caffe Florian and the square lit up. Waking up early the next morning (worst hotel bed ever!), I wondered whether heading out at 5.30am would be a good idea being a solo traveller but I wanted to beat the crowds and in fact there were quite a few others around so it felt safe. I headed to Ponte Della Paglia where you can get lots of iconic Venetian shots, saw the Bridge of Sighs, etc. I don't quite know where the morning went as I just spent hours walking, people-watching, but I then took the water bus back directly back to the airport.

Would I go again? Oh yes!!!! Another place to share with my husband and I'd like to explore the island of Murano.