Welcome! In my quest to visit 25 new countries in the year I've turned 50, this website is about sharing the adventures I've gone on, the ones yet to happen and a few tips along the way that've saved me time and money. You know, whatever 'holiday' means to us, my outlook on life is to just say "yes" and do it. I don't know what might happen tomorrow but I don't want to get to the end of my life and think "mmm, I really wish I'd.....". I’m not new to setting myself goals and you’ll see on the 'About Sarah' page that I also did '40 things before I turned 40' of which many were free. So, whether you're looking for some travel ideas or something a bit different, I'm delighted that you've stumbled across my website. Thank you. And the next time you've an opportunity to do something...perhaps consider saying "Yes"! 

Next trip.......Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Dubai

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